OogaVerse is a collection of 2,000 randomly generated NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The first 100 Oogas were stealth listed on OpenSea on the 7th of September. Their 1,900 remaining brethren joined their mission one month later, with only one thing in mind — going to the moon.

MekaApes Game launching on January 22nd!
Check out the Whitepaper on Medium.


We are proud to have built one of the most amazing and welcoming communities in the entire crypto space. Every OogaVerse holder has a voice in this project and will be able to steer the project with their input. Don’t hesitate, join the Oogas and let your voice be heard!

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Stealth launch of the first 100 Oogas

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Launch of the remaining 1,900 Genesis Oogas

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Migration to our official NFT contract + $DMT Token launch. Each Genesis Ooga yields 20 $DMT passively per day.

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Activation of the breeding functionality to generate the Baby Oogas

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MekaApes Game Genesis Launch (P2E Game on the Ethereum Blockchain)

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Start of MekaApes Game Stage 2 (PvP Game)

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Bali Clubhouse and special events. Genesis Ooga Holders gain VIP access.

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Stage 3 of the MekaApes Game. Fight your MekaApes in Sandbox!

The OogaVerse

$DMT Token

Oogas are the hardest working Apes in the universe. After the migration to our official contract, each Genesis Ooga will passively yield 20 $DMT a day. The DarkMatter Token $DMT will serve as a token that can be spent on the following utilities: Ooga customisation, breeding Baby Oogas, and as the sole accepted Token for the purchase of the coveted MoonPass. The $DMT Token has no financial value and only serves the utility of the OogaVerse. 

Breeding Baby Oogas

The second generation of Oogas consists of 6,000 Baby Oogas. Each Baby Ooga will be generated through the breeding process. Breeding requires two Genesis Oogas and 2,000 $DMT – which will be burned upon breeding. Our main priority is synergy between current and future collections, along with the establishment of a sustainable ecosystem. You can find a detailed guide how breeding works in this medium article.

MekaApes Game

With the upcoming MekaApes Game, OogaVerse introduces exciting new game mechanics such as evolution, fusion and a unique levelling-up system. These features, combined with the expansive OogaVerse collection will make MekaApes the most in depth strategy game available on the Ethereum blockchain. Find the MekaApes whitepaper here.


With a smile in one and a tear in the other eye we have to rename and let go of SpaceApes. We were just as shocked as you are right now but in the end everything in life happens for a reason and by now we are 1000% certain that this all just had to play out exactly like it did. SpaceApes was incredibly fun and we know for a fact that you enjoyed this journey just as we did…but Oogas worry not! All good things come to end and this is WAY MORE than just the end..This is the beginning of OogaVerse!

You can find the full explanation why we decided to rename SpaceApes to OogaVerse in our Discord Server in the #announcements channel.

Since the Genesis Oogas are fully minted and Baby Oogas are only generated through breeding, Oogas can only be bought on a secondary market like OpenSea

In this medium article you can find a detailed guide how to migrate your Genesis Ooga.

How yielding $DMT works
After migrating your SpaceApe / Ooga it will directly start yielding $DMT. Every Genesis Ooga yields 20 $DMT per day. You can claim the yielded $DMT whenever you want. For example if you have 1 Genesis Ooga you can claim 10 $DMT after 12h, or you can claim 600 $DMT after 30 days. It’s completely up to you.

A Baby Ooga yields extra $DMT
In addition to the 20 $DMT a Genesis Ooga yields per day, every Baby Ooga that you hold will also yield 5 $DMT per day. The only Requirement is that you need to hold 2 Genesis Oogas. If you only hold 1 Genesis Ooga, your Baby Oogas won’t yield any extra $DMT. 

How can I claim $DMT
You can claim $DMT on our website. You need to connect your MetaMask wallet and then go to the “My Collection” Page. The claimable amount of $DMT will be shown in the top right corner inside the “Claim $DMT” button. By clicking that button a MetaMask window opens where you need to approve the transaction. 

If you are a happy holder of 2 Genesis Oogas (Ooga #1 – #2,000) you can breed a Baby Ooga by clicking on the “Breeding” button in the top right corner. A window opens and if you have enough $DMT you can “start the incubation process”. A MetaMask window opens where you can approve the transaction. You need to burn 2,000 $DMT and then get an Incubator.

Revealing your Baby Ooga
Revealing function will be active a couple of weeks after migration. Exact time and date to be announced. You will be able to reveal your Baby Ape directly after you created an Incubator. You decide if you want to reveal your Baby Ooga or let it be inside the incubator. The traits of your Baby Ooga will be completely random. There will be 10 legendary animated Baby Oogas randomly created through breeding.

OG Oogas (Ooga #1 – #100) will yield double the amount of $DMT for the first 50 days after migration. So instead of 20 $DMT a day they yield 40 $DMT per day.


OogaVerse was founded by the BananaCollector.
His vision was to create an NFT collection that’s all about community.
To fulfil his mission, he recruited his two friends GM and Wizzard.


Lead dev building the ecosystem


Founder of OogaVerse


Marketing Manager + community lover

Special thanks to all the discord mods that are doing an amazing job handling the Ooga Gang in our Server. @koolz @Raven333 @Ptr @David Parker @Double U @Hannibalcollecter @Jimmy11 @Kirk @Koki @leedsi @Sovjet

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